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Friday, June 04, 2010

Good Intentions

Just look at these dates! We have October, November, December, July, February, March and now June. Do I blog here or don't I? December, July, February? Come on!

I were reading The Total Money Makeover Workbook by Dave Ramsey. (I were bored and it was there.) And within the week I had visited a "pack rat". Maybe you know one yourself.

My friend's problem was not an attachment to stuff.

I meant to say that.

She wasn't unusually attached to stuff. She had succumbed to a strong delusion. It was the same delusion of the audience the Total Money Makeover is addressed to, the delusion of pretending you will do something.

My friend kept telling herself that she's going to deal with it. She's going to clip that article, read that magazine, write that letter, bake that recipe, do SOMETHING with those egg shells, and see if so and so wants those ten-year old tennis shoes.

The obvious question to any other observer is "When?". My friend's getting up in years. She may have five or ten years of activity left, and is absolutely buried in things she thinks she is going to do. She can't do them of course, on account of being buried in them.

In Money Makeover, I read about households that were absolutely buried in expenditures. I read about spending habits just a little bit bigger than household incomes. The book helped me see how easily a debt can snowball past the point of no return. It gets to the point where a person may dream delusional dreams of financial integrity but they have no actual plan to pay their debt down to zero.

Come to think of it, governments have a long history of borrowing money without any actual plan to pay it back.

As I observed the bondage of this disastrous line of thinking, I began to examine the things I own and am pretending that I will do. I became determined not to own things I am pretending I will do. This means I intend to get rid of them unless they seem realistic in the future and/or I'm making progress toward them on my list.

This also means I will have to kick a lifetime addiction to procrastination, aka sloth, or sluggardliness.

You will have the joy or pain of observing my progress, because this blog was on my list of things I'd been pretending I'd do and I wasn't ready to cut it yet. Realistically, I'd like to add content a little more often than once a month. Ultimately, I'd like to add meaningful, insightful or thought-provoking content, but we'll see how it goes.

Either I'll make realistic progress toward my goal, and at some point posts will begin to appear regularly, or I will realize the need to shut it down, or I'll fail completely and it will still be here, neglected as always, as I continue to pretend I will one day get my act together.


Blogger FiveGreers said...

I totally understand your sentiment here. Lists of "To Do" jobs never seem to end no matter how old you are! Today has enough burden of its own, so get your TODAY jobs done today, so that tomorrow you can be free to do tomorrow's jobs!! Otherwise guilt and depression set in over the "never got it done" stuff, and the cycle continues on and on! Besides, it feels good to get a lot done in a day! Take it from another "sluggard" as you said!!

12:43 PM  

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