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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So, How'd We Do?

More than a month has gone by since I spoke my resolve. But that’s better than half a year. (If I don’t put this up soon it may be because I haven’t learned to use blogger with my mobile device. [edit: I haven't.])

I’m very excited about a few of the wins from the primary election. The November race should be interesting anyway. Look who should be on the ballot!

This Benning guy looks like a breath of fresh air. He may be someone I’d like to canvass neighborhoods for, if I were doing that. [edit: No way! He did not win, by 39 votes!]

I was ecstatic to see an American Independent (usually a good sign) candidate for Congress in my district, running against Linda Sanchez. (Linda Sanchez is not Loretta Sanchez, by the way.) But then I looked at his website. [edit: Wow! It's been cleaned up since I wrote this. I'm really glad, too.] This is not your average American Independent candidate, no sirree! I haven’t decided to vote for him yet.

I am very happy to support Warren Willis, so far, for Ron Calderon's seat in senate district 30. And I may or may not vote for Henry Bestwick (my dad's neighbor, growing up), for assembly district 56.

I was thinking it would be good to walk door to door promoting the informed voter. You could knock on every door, no need for party precinct lists. I would ask three questions: "Do you vote?", "Do you use the Internet?" and "Would you rather vote for what you want, and not get it, or vote for what you don't want and get it?". And I would pass out an unbiased (attempted unbiased) brochure on the qualified candidates and some of the issues of interest.


Anonymous John A. Smith said...

Thank you for noticing my Candidacy.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, I'd like a chance to earn your support.

Best regards,


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