I grew up in one of those Judeo-Christian homes that apparently strike terror in the hearts of the likes of Betty Friedan, Alan Grayson and Kathryn Joyce. My parents never had sex until they got married to each other. Theirs is an enduring...

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This and That

A little bit of this (an original Christmas music video), a little bit of that (a remarkable courtship story), one of these (a testimony of salvation), some of this (a sweet album, same artist as the music video), some of this (testimony of a blessed bedtime) and some of that (words well put). I keep trying to draw a connection between Free on the sweet album and the amazing love story on Resolved2Worship. Let me know if I'm all wet. Also, if you're unfamiliar to blog surfing (duh, if you are, you're not reading this, right?), you might like to remove the latter part of the URL of any article, in order to reveal just the blog where it is found. You can sometimes use this trick to learn a little more about the writer. Some of these writers are a huge blessing to me!


Anonymous sage said...

Always enjoy your blogs, Tiffany! Thanks for the links. Encouraging, uplifting, insightful stuff there! <3

6:56 PM  

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