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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Attempt to Moderate Judicial Immunity Draws Fire From the Press

In light of ongoing abuses of law and justice, in light of rampant corruption and the popular notion that judges are entitled to change or create law, rather than guarantee that the nation adhere to it, it seems time to note a nation-wide project that is gaining momentum.

The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, or JAIL, for judges, is an appeal for an opportunity to try unjust judges against the law before a grand jury, to determine whether their offenses justify stripping them of their judicial immunity. Once stripped of virtual invincibility, they would have the right to stand trial in a court of law, as any other citizen, for their abuses of the bench.

The initiative reads in part, "No immunity shall extend to any judge of this State for any deliberate violation of law, fraud or conspiracy, intentional violation of due process of law, deliberate disregard of material facts, judicial acts without jurisdiction, blocking of a lawful conclusion of a case, or any deliberate violation of the Constitutions of South Dakota or the United States...". It is in the signature-gathering stage in South Dakota, where it has already drawn adverse attention through a local newspaper. The early response of the people to the campaign seems much more positive.

South Dakota is merely the trial run. The initiative has been drawn up for each of the fifty states, and is ready to be enacted at the federal level as well.


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