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Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Letter

"If I should find myself in Terri's shoes"- a pastor struggling with cancer pens his wishes in an open letter to his wife:
Dear Janelle,

These last few months have troubled me deeply. And I
have a request that I hope you'll have the courage and
strength to honor: If I ever become like Terri Schiavo,
please don't put me through what she has endured.

After fighting cancer for 10 years; after suffering
through multiple courses of toxic drugs; after two
stem-cell transplants and 16 dismal weeks in a
hospital room, tied to tangles of tubes, I've only
scratched the surface of her misery. I feel as if I've
scaled great mountains of suffering only to find I'm
in the foothills of a range that towers beyond sight.

Please read the whole letter, here.


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