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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Four Related Articles

The race is on, to spare the life of Mae Magouirk, 81, in Georgia. Her would-be slayer has already jumped the gun, asking for her to be dehydrated to death despite her living will specifications which have not been met. The dehydration is in progress, thanks to the quick work of a Georgia probate judge.

A noted psychologist has released a work on the economic expediency of dehydrating people to death (third story from the top).

And a journalist who protested Terri's slaughter, fills us in on her experiences outside the hospice in Pinellas Park. Insightful, tinged with despair, it was an excellent reflection on the callousness of a nation that kills its own most vulnerable.

Last but not least, Pamela Hennessy, once the person behind the Schindler family's "Terri's Fight" website, has posted an eloquent and moving (read: "cause to shudder") commentary on the sad state of affairs since Terri's death.


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