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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Statist or Non?

Two notable quotes from the glossary of the book I mentioned, The Thousand Year War in the Mideast, by Richard Maybury:

non-statist: one who opposes large, powerful governments and believes in liberty, free markets and international neutrality

statist: one who believes in a powerful, activist government that has the privilege of intervention in the economic and private lives of citizens and foreigners

I like the first definition. I think I'll memorize them both. They're very functional.

By the way, Maybury does not write from a Christian perspective (not to say he is not a Christian- he is just not asserting that he is)- or he would probably have mentioned that Jesus reappeared, in the flesh, after He died in 29AD. Yet he does speak of accountability to a Creator God, Who is the source of certain unalienable rights. And... the doctrine of Jesus Christ bears out his assertion, that God does not authorize Christians to abuse the inalienable rights of Muslims.


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