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Friday, December 28, 2007

Will Foreign Policy Be Our Undoing?

Andrew Sullivan in TheAtlantic.com compares the foreign policies of his two favorite contenders in the Republican primaries. I love it!

See also, Maple Brown in USA Daily.


Anonymous Katy said...

Hi 1of14. I follow your blog (and your family website). I also follow politics. I'd be interested in your opinion about VP candidates. I already know who your choice is for president. Do you have any idea who could be his VP should he get the nomination? By the way, I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the Iowa caucus. Ron Paul may not be a front runner now, but he has enough money to swing some lead if a clear leader doesn't come out by early February. I know Paul supporters are normally 100%, but if he doesn't get the GOP nod, do you have a second choice in the republican field? (the pickings are mighty slim, I think).

1:57 PM  
Blogger 1of14 said...

I know enough about the government to know I could use to know a lot more.

When in doubt, there are some basic principles I fall back on- things like "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you". With these I can weed through a field of candidates, but the VP doesn't have to be in the field of candidates.

I don't know. Who would you have for VP? I bet Jeb Bush would like the job.

RP wouldn't have 'im.

I think he's pleased the libertarian camp, hugely, and caught the attention of the thinking Democrats. But he hasn't captured the religious right.

Am I calling this right?

It's fun to see that no clear front runner has immerged yet, and amusing to see Giuliani isn't going anywhere on the sole merits of his name being a household word. Not yet, anyway.

I can be glad when anybody wins, because God always has run things really well. But I don't think I could vote for a second choice from the Republican field in good conscience.

I entertained thoughts of Huckabee, should he get the nomination and I don't think he will, but he's shown he can be bought, in my opinion. Anyone who changes his tune during a campaign, can he possibly have the guts required to stand up to the kind of pressure that Reagan cowed under?

And anyone who argues that taxpayers should foot the bill to send illegal immigrants to college has a problem with the right to property.

There were two Democrats opposed to the practice of incarcerating American citizens without a charge, opposed to rendition, and warrantless wiretapping, United States use of torture, but, they are pro-choice, and they may have dropped out.

I don't exactly see myself holding my nose and voting for Steve Kubby.

What would you do?

1:49 AM  

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