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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Roe v. Wade: We Will Not Forget

Since January, 1973, the United States Government has sanctioned the killing of American children, without a charge being brought against them, and without the right to a trial. In fact, as of a 2004 Supreme Court decision, children who are brought to trial cannot be put to death- yet those who are not brought to trial may be eliminated as long as they have not yet escaped their mother's uterus.

How ironic, that the uterus, designed for nurturing the most fragile among us, is the most dangerous place to live.

Looking back on this catastrophic decision, which results in the ongoing event of 3,000 killings a day (think terror attack, September 11, 2001, repeated daily), several newspapers carried abortion-related articles. Here is one that I noticed.

Bay Area: Anti-Abortion Ad on BART Angers Activists in the San Francisco Chronicle

Another beautiful article was in a Texas paper, about a young victim of violence who chose not to follow the standard procedure of using the morning-after pill, which was recommended to her in the emergency room. She now has an adorable and treasured one-year old little girl. I looked and looked for this story, for about four hours (I only read it over someone's shoulder on WorldNetDaily), but I couldn't find it. Sorry.