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Monday, November 06, 2006

Voter's Guide

My picks, for California/LA County, November 7, 2006:

Edward C. Noonan

Lieutenant Governor
Tom McClintock (or Jim King)

Secretary of State
Glenn McMillon Jr.

Tony Strickland (or Warren Mark Campbell)

Justin E. Noonan

Attorney General
Chuck Poochigian

Insurance Commissioner

Supreme Court Justice
Joyce L. Kennard no
Carol A. Corrigan no

Court of Appeal Justice, Second Appellate District

Division One
Robert M Mallano no
Frances Rothschild no

Division Two
Roger Boren yes
Victoria M. Chavez yes

Division Three
Patti S. Kitching yes
Richard D. Aldrich yes

Division Four
Norman L. Epstein ??
Thomas L. Willhite yes
Nora M. Manella ??
Steven Suzukawa yes

Division Five
Richard M. Mosk no
Sandy R. Kriegler yes

Division Six
Arthur Gilbert no

Division Seven
Dennis M. Perluss no
Fred Woods yes
Laurie D. Zelon no

Division Eight
Candace D. Cooper no
Madeleine Flier no

Los Angeles County Superior Court

Office No. 8
Bob Henry

Office No. 18
Daviann L. Mitchell

Office No. 102
Hayden Zacky

Office No. 104
Leave Blank

Office No. 144
David W. Stuart

My choices for judges are based on info found here.

Measure 1A yes

Measure 1B no

Measure 1C no

Measure 1D no

Measure 1E no

Measure 83 ?? (Jessica's law)

Measure 84 no

Measure 85 ?? (parental consent)

Measure 86 no

Measure 87 no

Measure 88 no

Measure 89 no

Measure 90 ?? (protects against eminent domain)