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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Bride Wore a Red Hat

Tuesday evening* we witnessed an exchange of wedding vows at the other end of the world- in Thailand, in real time, on live-streaming video. It was quite the trick, really. The video quality was that of a really bad Skype, from almost ten years ago, interrupted every 15 minutes by a commercial for a violent video game. But like all things technological, and new, it shows promise of being obsolete in about six months.

The real miracle taking place that evening (or Wednesday morning, as the Thais have it), was the joined lives of a Kachin believer from Myanmar (Burma) and a dear friend of ours from small town Washington state. Yes, she has brown eyes. No, she does not look like she could have been born in Asia. It was very cute to see her wearing the traditional make-up and big dangling earrings. I don't think she wears make-up or earrings as a general rule.

Of course we had to celebrate by eating Thai food (somehow it turned into Japanese food), and looking at pictures of Thai wedding food.

As all good marriages are a testimony to the supernatural, may God's grace be on this unique union, intervening throughout their married life to the praise of His glory.

Our friend wore the dress of the traditional Kachin wedding. And here is a video of a Kachin bride (I presume), getting married in the United States.

*It wasn't actually last Tuesday evening. It was three Tuesdays ago.