I grew up in one of those Judeo-Christian homes that apparently strike terror in the hearts of the likes of Betty Friedan, Alan Grayson and Kathryn Joyce. My parents never had sex until they got married to each other. Theirs is an enduring...

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Where There's Life- There's Life

First read the story from Sports Illustrated. You'll be glad you did. Then watch the short film. Then thank God that Rick Hoyt has survived the war against those who "couldn't possibly lead dignified lives".

edit* I'm sorry. It seems I don't actually have the short film- which means I may not ever have the short film, but I'll work on it.

edit* When the video finished on YouTube, the screen immediately linked to several objectionable titles... so I looked and looked for a non-YouTube copy. If anyone sees one, would you let me know?