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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Races

Here are some races where I feel I've narrowed down the candidate who will use the Constitution nearest to the original intent of the framers.

Office No. 8- Bob Henry

Office No. 18- Richard H. Loomis

In this race, I hope to do some more research. I have not decided between Richard H. Loomis and Daviann L. Mitchell. Stephen Feldman is an admitted liberal activist judge.

Office No. 102- Hayden Zacky

I left a question with Hayden Zacky, and have not received a response yet. But I am concerned with statements by and about the other two candidates.

Office No. 144- David W. Stuart

I am pleased with all the information I have on David Stuart. But I haven't thoroughly examined the other candidates.

Neither of the candidates for Offices 95 and 122 are acceptable to me. I could not in good conscience cast a vote for either one, in those races.

If I receive any new information that affects any of these races, I'll post a.s.a.p.

Overall, I'm not really enthused about my choices. Anybody want to run for judge?

I'm Back!

(It's not like anyone would've noticed that I've been gone awhile.) :cD

I'm so grateful to Ken Masse for linking me to a jumping-off place in researching the election.

Ken Masse is running for sheriff in Los Angeles County. He has served well in that department for over thirty years (served well, to the extent that the worst thing his critics have thrown at him is that he's a religious fanatic).

He doesn't strike me as religious at all. But I must say, confidence in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has saturated his life, and is as significant to him as the air he breathes. He's a man of character, and to the best of his knowledge, he will not compromise.

He's intimately familiar with the needs of the sheriff's department. He's familiar with the pressure of standing alone. And he's well acquainted with the Word of God. He also has a passion for sharing the good news. (I met more than one sheriff who is walking with the Lord now, thanks to Mr. Masse.)

As for political philosophy, he told me that the jurisdiction of the sheriff department is public safety, not social programs. And I have to agree with him.

I'm not going to say the man is perfect, but I would be thrilled to see him win. He's a big step in the right direction.